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Our services include a range planning drawings and services for extensions, new builds and more. To see everything we offer, check out our full services listed below.

Project Types


Most of the time extensions can be built without the need for a planning application, but must meet a set criteria. We can help achieve this to minimise red tape before you can start building. If you’re going for a larger project, drawings are a necessity with a full planning application. The drawings help you communicate what you want to both the council, building control and builders to so are crucial to a successful project. Whether or not you require planning permission, are here to fulfil any of your architectural design requirements.

Photo of a house extension

Loft & Garage Conversions

Conversions of your attic or garage space are an easy way to add room, often without the need for a planning application. With both there is a minefield of building and fire regulations that need to be met are correctly abided by. We can offer our knowledge and expertise for any conversion project, no matter the size.

Photo of a loft conversion in progress

New builds

Ever wanted to build your own home? Down-to-earth or bespoke, we can provide a design to suit your requirements by managing your aspirations and budget. We can maintain a traditional design or create something special or even something ultra-modern.

Photo of a new build house

Larger Developments

We have worked on various large developments including HMOs, Apartment Complexes & Commercial premises. We work hand in hand with investors, builders and the council to make sure everyone’s needs are met. We aim to supersede the requirements of all three in both functionality and aesthetics.

Photo of a large office


Planning Drawings

Planning Drawings are the first step in creating your new space. Even if planning is not required for your project, most builders need a drawing to accurately cost the work and neighbours would need to see the scope if the Part Wall Act applies. We create effective plans covering all the major design aspects of the build and giving a good representation of the finished product.

Photo of plans

Building regulations

Building regulations are a minimum standard for any building work. As part of the regulations you need a highly detailed drawing and construction notes that specifies each part of the build from insulation to electrical outlets. We work closely with building control officers to make sure each aspect is correct before you start on the build.

Photo of plans being discussed

Structural Calculations

Open plan and large openings are becoming the norm, but creating these spaces often means removing load bearing walls. To support the wall above, a reinforcing beam needs to be inserted. To make sure this will carry the load calculations need to be done and are required by Building Control to ensure the structural stability of the build.

Photo of steel structural supports

Admin & Advice

Everyone hates paperwork. We help you by taking this burden off your shoulders. Not only do we submit all the documentation to the relevant council or building control officers, but we liaise with them throughout the process to reduce the amount of orchestrating required on your part.

We know planning laws inside and out so we can advise on how these apply and/or effect your project. Throughout the design phases we consider the final build and it’s practicality, making suggestions as the project evolves.

Photo of plans

Where do we operate?

Our main areas of operation are Nottingham, Derby, Leicester & Loughborough. If you live outside these areas but have a project you feel is worth us looking at feel free to get in touch with us.

Although we try to get out to everyone to give a personalised service, we may not be able to come to your property. If you’d like us to still do your drawings we can do this at a reduced rate - See our ‘Contact Free’ option in the Price Calculator.

Still got questions?

In the meantime, if you have any queries at all, or want to discuss the project further, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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